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My Story: Matan Prilleltensky

By now, I understood that typical American approaches to teaching beginners are incorrect, moving so quickly through the basics that most students never master them. I knew how to help a young beginner develop their vision of the board, building up their chess as if constructing a castle.

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More Mini-Games for Beginners and their Parents!

A Master Chess Step 1 class started yesterday, with a lesson on the chessboard and pieces. Our students learned about ranks, files, diagonals, names of squares, all the pieces except for the pawn, and their ranking order! Until learning more, what should students do to consolidate their knowledge?

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How to Play Chess with your Beginner Child!

Parents - don’t worry if you don’t have any chess experience. All you need to play with your child is some basic rules! Here is one mini-game you can play with only knowledge of the knight move. Because the knight is (by far) the trickiest piece, this is great practice for kids.

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