Our objective at Master Chess is to take the chance out of learning chess. We know that with the best curriculum, highly qualified teachers, small class sizes, and regular practice, all students will systematically improve their chess. Master Chess was created in order to make this vision a reality. 

Master Chess offers 10 week courses following the Steps Method, developed in Holland. It has been adopted successfully in many countries around the world. The instructional sequence is unique: Rather than rushing through the basics, kids master each individual skill through careful instruction and practice. Experience has shown that students who learn this way develop an incredibly strong foundation, which translates into significant improvement and developing a love for the game.

All of the steps lessons are carefully adapted to our instruction by Grandmaster Alex Stripunsky and National Master Matan Prilleltensky, coaches of multiple individual and team national champions. We offer the highest quality teachers, and limit each class to 10 students so they can give each student the attention they deserve. Homework problems are designed to offer students instant feedback, so they can monitor their learning and track their progress.

We also offer 10 week thematic courses for a wide range of tournament players. These courses select an important concept or skill and help students develop it in the most targeted, efficient way. These courses are taught by world-class coaches, who develop lessons and curriculum specifically for Master Chess. Each class is limited to 15 students to ensure that everyone has a rigorous learning experience.