Play like Petrosian, and a Book Note

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share news of a very interesting new book: "Modern Chess: From Steinitz to the 21st Century" by International Master Craig Pritchett. This Thinkers Publishing title is exactly what it sounds like, and has something for chess enthusiasts of all levels: Some history, some culture, some famous games we ought to have seen but maybe haven't, some instruction. The author's love for chess history and admiration for the giants of the game really shines through. I can definitely see it becoming one of my favorites.

I have already been enjoying the book in a few ways: Using some moments from the earlier, more direct games with some of my inexperienced students, reading the historical segments for pleasure, and studying some mid 20th Century games myself or with a friend. I wanted to share an instructive moment from Petrosian's play in Game 5 of his successful 1963 World Championship match with Botvinnik.

Black has just played 18...Nc6-b4. What would you do for White? Solution coming soon!