Process of Elimination Exercise, and a Book Note

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to offer another position that could be profitably solved by both newer and club level young tournament players. I got the position from the new book, "Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021", by Grandmaster Daniel Fernandez. I requested and received a review copy, and already started including some positions in my lessons. The annotations are intense, but very enjoyable to play through and try to understand. Yesterday I played through a win by Alireza Firouzja four times, and felt like I picked up something extra each time!

Another nice touch is the that the bulletins for each round of the tournament are included. I am finding these to be an excellent source of a wide range of exercises I can give my students. This position comes from the round 2 bulletin, and was one of two very instructive moments in the game between Aryan Tari and Radoslaw Wojtaszek.

White has just played 1.Qg8+. How should Black respond? Solution coming tomorrow!