Step 1+ Class
Step 1+ Class
Step 1+ Class
Step 1+ Class

Step 1+ Class

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A note from our Top Instructor:

Steps classes can be a great way to make lifelong friends! About two years ago, Nolan started a Step 1 class where he taught the kids in the class the basics of chess. Today, those same kids are still taking classes together. That group has made it all the way up to Step 5 now and are playing chess at a competitive level. Best of all, they are all good friends and play chess together outside of chess classes! 


Classes start November, 9th 2023.

Each class will meet for one hour sessions over ten weeks.

Step 1+

The Step 1+ class is ideal for children experiences in Step 1 class or equivalent. Children who knows all the rules of chess but have limited playing experiences will benefit tremendously in the Step 1+ class. It will give them the strongest possible foundation as they start their chess journey. In our experience, the chess world opens up to children who learn the basics perfectly: They can successfully play with friends or relatives, compete in entry level tournaments, develop a passion for the game, and advance to the next level. In ten lessons, students will learn about:

  • Review of Step 1 knowledge
  • Winning Material
  • Defending
  • Mate
  • Board Vision
  • Defending against mate
  • Draws
  • Creating mate
  • The passed pawn
  • Application of Step 1/1+ knowledge in games

Lessons will use zoom in combination with our interactive online coaching platform. Regular HW will be assigned electronically to help students solidify and apply the concepts being taught. Class is limited to 12 students, to ensure each student receives the individual attention required for them to thrive. We look forward to giving your children the best possible introduction to the world of chess!

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